Let’s give a little love and attention to our gorgeous guys right now! We love having our gentlemen clientele visit us at Farfalla and experience the magic of AVEDA and witness the skills of our talented team of stylists!

Feel like you are missing out on something? Then you are right! Our relaxing and stress relieving scalp and neck massage (complimentary with every haircut & buzz) is something so many of you don’t know how much you need in your life…UNTIL you come and experience it!

You will be hooked!

You get to select the AVEDA composition oil by aroma, sit back, close your eyes and have a couple minutes of pure stress free relaxation. Why settle for a haircut without this added touch? You guys deserve just as much as the rest of us!



We want you to feel comfortable talking about your hair concerns and issues. Think of your stylist as your hair doctor. They have the training and expertise in their field to prescribe products and treatments to help you with any scalp and hair issues you may have. From dry or oily scalp to thinning hair issues, your stylist is more than happy to discuss your concerns and help provide products or tips on how to manage these concerns.




This product is formulated to help target thinning hair, something we are not all that comfortable talking about. As we have mentioned before, treat your stylist as your hair doctor and don’t be afraid to discuss this sensitive issue with them. You may just find yourself a solution!

Farfalla Hair & Esthetics - AVEDA - Whistler BC

The 2 step system consists of the Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo and the Scalp Revitalizer (a daily leave in treatment serum).  Invati Men is proven to reduce hair loss.  It helps keep the hair you have for longer, instantly thickens your hair, and invigorates the scalp. Sounds great, right?!

“Four out of five men say their hair feels stronger and looks thicker after using”.

Next time you are in for your massage and haircut, don’t forget to ask about Invati Men if thinning hair is a concern for you.  We are happy to have you experience the Shampoo and Revitalizer in salon with us, so we can show you exactly what it’s all about!  And don’t forget about the rest of the men’s line, from shampoo’s, conditioners, clays and pomades and even shave cream and aftershave.

See you soon!

Love Farfalla