Alexandra “Mini” Rey – Junior Stylist (Instagram: @hairbyminirey)

Alexandra “Mini” Rey – Junior Stylist

~ My zodiac sign is Libra and that means:
I am objective and hate conflict. Although outsiders may view me as fickle and indecisive, I’m simply looking from all angles to achieve peace and harmony.

~ Favourite trend so far in hair and beauty?
Two trends I love… a bold graduated bob, and stunning colour melt/ ombre.

~ What are you doing when you’re not working?
I am enjoying the mountains, lakes, forests and the friendships that make Whistler my home.

~ What does ‘integrity’ mean to you?
To be true to yourself and others, share, be honest and compassionate, have honour and respect, forgive and Love.

~ What inspires you about life?
There are so many things that inspire me, from nature to music… but what’s really inspiring is when people are their own miracle. Nothing is impossible, you just gotta want it bad enough.

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