Genevieve Dubois – Senior Stylist – In-Salon Educator (Instagram: @genevievescissorhands)

Genevieve Dubois – Senior Stylist – In-Salon Educator

Joined our team again in July, 2012, after a few years away.

~ My zodiac sign is Libra and that means:
I have balance in my personality and work, I am intelligent and I like to challenge myself. I am easygoing, charismatic, and evenhanded.

~ How long have you been in the industry?
I started my hairdressing class in September, 2002, finished in June, 2003 and immediately started working full time as a hairdresser. I love it!

~ Favourite outdoor activity?
Going to the beach or lake. I love getting energized by the sun, having peaceful moments, taking in the amazing view and being surrounded by good company with either my friends or beautiful dog, Beau.

~ What does ‘integrity’ mean to you?
Be true to yourself

~ What inspires you about life?
Human relationships, sharing a moment with friends, family, partner.

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