Estela Potenciano – Stylist (Instagram: @hairbyestela)

Estela Potenciano – Stylist

Estela grew up in the beautiful city of Mardrid, Spain! Her extensive hairdressing career began well over 10 years ago, when she gained her qualifications at a hairdressing school in beautiful Llongeras. Since then Estela has traveled to many corners of the globe, ensuring she kept her creative juices flowing. As hairdressing is such a transferable skill she was able to create styles in nearly all the wonderful countries she visited, finally bringing her to the country she loves, Canada. She has been a vital member of our Farfalla Tribe and continues to deliver outstanding services and styles!

“Life inspires me to be the person that when you look at me, you feel motivated to follow your dreams”

Whats your #1 at-home styling tip?

“Use an old t-shirt to absorb the moisture after washing your hair. It helps to control the frizz.”

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