Estela Potenciano – Stylist (Instagram: @hairbyestela)

Estela Potenciano – Stylist

~ Favourite colour? All colors make me happy so I wouldn’t limit myself to choose just one as a favorite. But I do love moss green, mauve purple and blues.

~ Where did you grow up and why aren’t you there now? I grew up in Madrid, Spain. Ive been travelling to beautiful places for so long, I think if I went home I would suffer ‘Reverse Culture’ shock 🙂 Plus I love it here!!

~ How long have you been in the industry? I took my first hairdressing course in 1997 in Spain so I’ve been in the industry for almost 20 years. I’ve been working in salons for over 8 years.

~ Favorite thing about working in the industry? My favorite thing that gets me excited about being in the  industry is having the ability to do what I love. To be able to express my creativity through hairstyling and getting to know my guests.

~What are you doing when you’re not working? I am an adventurous person so days off mean its time to go explore the great outdoors. I have also a passion for photography! I love immersing myself in the beauty of what my own eyes see and I love a life of being creative.

~ What does integrity mean to you? It means doing the right thing when no one else is looking.

~ What inspires you about life? Life inspires me to be the person that when you look at me, makes you think in do not give up on your dreams.

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