Emanuela Bertoia – Owner (currently residing in India)

Emanuela Bertoia – Owner

I, along with my partner at the time, had created the vision for a holistic-based hair & esthetics Aveda salon in Whistler. On July 1st, 1998, the vision came alive and I was pursuing my dream as a Stylist / Esthetician in an environment created specifically to nurture our guests and workers inside and out!

Farfalla has gone through many changes and transformations along the way, while never veering from the original concept and foundational values but rather enhancing them.  It is an absolute dream to still be running a successful Eco-conscious Salon in beautiful Whistler. I owe the successes of the business to our loyal guests, skilled and committed workers, as well as the supportive business partnership in place at this time. Certainly credit must also be given to the beauty that surrounds us and which brought us all here to start with.

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