• It’s an investment on the money and time you just put it in to achieving the beautiful color and cut results you were looking for!

We know it can seem like just that, an investment, when you price compare to what the drugstore has to offer. And of course you are wondering is there really a difference in the salon brands or are you just paying for the name? Well there IS a difference! The big one being the concentration and quality of ingredients is so much higher, meaning you need to use less each time to do the job. The product will last longer, saving you money in the end – everyone wants that!!  Why spend hundreds of dollars on your hair in the salon, only to purchase drugstore products that will not extend the life of your cut/color? Why not purchase carefully crafted products that actually benefit the health of your hair instead?

Learn more about Aveda’s ingredient sourcing.

“At Aveda, our goal is to ensure our products will benefit our guests through exceptional performance, while we deliver our continued promise of environmental and social responsibility.”


  • Product recommendations are coming from a trained professional in their field.

Your stylist has been through rigorous schooling and training in their field and are experts in what they do. Making you feel like the best version of yourself and taking care of the health and integrity of your hair is what they do BEST! At Farfalla, with Aveda as a brand behind us, our stylists are always getting more education and learning about the products. They are consistently keeping up to date on the newest arrivals on offer, as well as knowing the reasons why they will be best for your hair type and haircare routine. Whether you are experiencing scalp issues, hair breakage, thinning hair, hair loss, or just want to achieve the highest shine and health for your hair, turn to your stylist for advice. Treat them as your hair doctor and trust that they have the knowledge and understanding to prescribe what’s best for your hair. Now back to that investment…you are taking a chance on a drugstore brand that might not be right for you or able provide the results you are looking for, so why not take the advice of someone who has seen and touched your hair?! If the product they have recommended doesn’t work for you, bring it back and we will try something else! We always want to make sure that you take home the RIGHT haircare for you!


  •  Concern for the environment and doing your part in your product choices.

Aveda Mission Statement

With cheaper brands, you just don’t know what their manufacturing, sustainability, and environmental practices are. With Aveda there are so many ways in which they give back to the environment and strive for environmental responsibility.  If you are curious, click on the links below to learn more.

Aveda and Responsible Packaging

Aveda and Responsible Manufacturing


These are just a few of the reasons why making the investment on salon products is so important! We want you to be able to experience happy healthy hair and be able to recreate that salon feeling at home.   You can protect that investment in time and services by maintaining the health of your hair. By providing your stylist with a healthy & strong base to work with, you are making it so much easier for them to create that beautiful style you desire! You can also feel great knowing that the company you are buying from is employing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices!

Feel free to drop by and chat with our knowledgeable team to find out what products are right for you!

Love, Farfalla