The ski-season is almost here, its time to say good bye to bad hair days on the hill!

Tangles, knots, breakages….it can be a nightmare for the health of your hair being stuck under a toque or helmet for hours in a day. Its time to take charge and give your hair a chance when its under these conditions.

We have listed our top 5 ways to tame your tresses while out there on the slopes this season:

1) Braids, braids, braids: You’ve guessed it, braiding your hair keeps your locks in place and prevents your hair from tangling.  Not only that, when you take them out after a day on the hill, you are left with beautifully wavy hair! This is PERFECT for your apres session or if you have to run straight to work after a few laps. (NOTE: Keep your hair tucked in your jacket to keep it from getting wet to get the best wave)




2) Protect your locks: Our Brilliant Damage Control Spray is an in-house fave! It is detangling, moisturizing, protects from UV (for those sunny spring days) and also protects from heat. The main thing here is it PROTECTS. The weather on the mountain can be unpredictable, and can be very drying and damaging to your locks, so take care!




3) Carry a brush: This may sound strange, but a small pocket brush tucked into your ski/snowboard jacket will save you from hours of detangling when you get home. Tangles can tear and break the hair, causing fly aways and  split ends which can really affect the look and feel of your hair.





4) Avoid tying hair up when wet:  Awesome pow days means getting completely soaked. If you wear your hair loose or down when you are up there, then try not to tie it up when its wet. When the hair dries it shrinks, and when it is in a hair elastic this causes it to rip and break. If your hair is in a braid and then gets wet that’s not a problem 🙂





5) One for the guys: Use a styling clay that is pliable (easy to re-mould) right before you leave the house. When  you are roasting hot after a few massive laps and you want to take your helmet/toque off, run your hand through your hair to restyle how you want, without having to apply more product! AVEDA’s Mens Grooming Clay is an awesome product for this very reason!




We hope you have the BEST season this year, with beautiful locks to match!!

Love, Farfalla