We all want that natural healthy glow for our skin!  Even more so in summer when  temperatures rise and the heat means sweat, swimming and makeup melting!  The goal is to have that even skinned glowy base so minimal makeup is needed.


Your skin care routine is essential to achieving naturally glowing, healthy looking skin.  A few of our tips to get you there include gentle daily exfoliating, an oil and a serum.  Let’s get into the details!!

A favourite for exfoliating is the new Aveda Tulasara Facial Dry Brush and Radiant Oleation Oil.  This morning ritual inspired by Ayurvedic techniques, awakens microcirculation and nourishes to reveal smooth, glowing skin.  First, take a few minutes to gently exfoliate using the ultra soft nylon bristle brush.  It helps to support natural cellular turnover and prepare the skin to take in the nourishing oleation oil.  Next,  apply the radiant oleation oil by massaging it into face, neck and décolletage.  With its 6 nourishing plant oils it will help rebalance and reveal smooth glowing skin.  We love this ritual because it is also meant for you to take a moment for yourself before the busy day ahead.  Self care and self love is also the best way to reveal the most radiant you!

Another great product to add into your routine is a serum.  The perfect one for the summer months is the Tulasara Bright Concentrate.   Benefits are evening skin tone, diminishing age spots and helping to reduce the appearance of discoloration.  All to work towards that natural glow!!

And of course we can’t stress enough, SPF IS YOUR FRIEND!! Always remember your sunscreen!  In keeping with our Aveda favourites, the Daily Light Guard with SPF 30 is a great base before putting on any makeup or on its own.  Another great choice if you like sheer coverage with a dewy finish is the Aveda Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture with Broad Spectrum SPF 15.  It’s an oil-free moisturizer,  lightweight enough that it feels as if you’re wearing nothing!

Treat your skin right and take the time to show it and yourself a little bit of love everyday! You are sure to notice the natural radiance and glow that that will shine through.

 Love, Farfalla