Fall is here.  The temperatures are dropping, big scarves are out and the air fills with the smell of pumpkin spice. At Farfalla we love fall, it’s our favorite season of the year! It is also a really important time of year to take care of the condition of your hair. As you begin to notice it getting cooler outside, the heating gets turned up at home which can affect the health of your hair. Central heating whether its at home, work or when you are out shopping can really dry out your hair, leaving you feeling frizzy and static.

So how do we keep our hair healthy as the seasons change??

A deep conditioning masque or treatment! Popping one of these in your hair weekly will help keep your hair moisturized and help repair the hair from any environmental damage (such as indoor heating).  Check out our top 3 recommendations:

Dry Remedy moisturizing masque

This masque is designed to penetrate the hair with an intense amount of moisture. It will seal the hair cuticle shut, trapping the moisture in, leaving your hair feeling supple, silky and soft! You only need to use this masque once a week to notice incredible differences in the condition of your hair.









Damage Remedy intensive restructuring treatment

This masque is the super hero of masques when it comes to color treated hair. The integrity of the hair is always compromised slightly when you have highlights or use heat styling on your hair. With the increased use of indoor heating too, your hair will need a little more love and attention. The damage remedy line contains quinoa protein to help restructure & rebuild your hair to help it regain its strength, shine and durability. This masque also has a wonderful amount of moisture  leaving  your hair feeling soft and silky too!






Smooth Infusion smoothing masque

The comeback of frizzy hair can be a constant battle in the cooler, wetter months. Good job we have the Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque to hand!! It reduces frizz by upto 50% and protects your hair from the wet air that we get in fall! As with all the other Aveda masques, this smoothing masque contains a wonderful amount of moisture to keep your hair soft and silk all while protecting you from the wetter environment!






These are our Farfalla Favorites! Pop by and chat with one of the tribe to find out which masque best suits you and your needs!

Happy Fall!!


Love, Farfalla