If it’s the first time you’ve been to see us, or the 100th time, it is always important to be prepared for your appointment. So we have gathered the best advice from our tribe of stylists to help you experience the best salon service every time:

Visual Aids

Visual aids go a long way! Pinterest, Google images, E! news, then there’s all the magazines you can pick from. There are endless options to browse to choose your ideal style, and it helps so much with your consultation. There are so many different terms these days circulating hair styling, that they can get mistranslated and interpreted incorrectly. Visual aids remove this problem and ensure that you and your stylist are on the same page for the entire appointment.

Be Honest

Our stylists are there to guide you, but feel free to speak your mind, especially if some of the suggestions aren’t what you are looking for. Honesty is key. We want you to leave our tribe feeling like you got exactly what you asked for, and that the communication was flowing the whole way through your appointment. It is also important to be truthful about what you have previously used in your hair. Products like box dye and henna can cause gigantic problems during your appointment if your stylist wasn’t made aware of their use beforehand. Our team want you to fall in love with your hair each and every time, and being honest about what you like, dislike and used previously is paramount to achieving this!



The Farfalla Tribe are highly experienced in their field and they have amazing attention to detail. Visualizing the future of your hair is what they do best. There may come a time at one of your appointments that your stylist will advise you against your desired style. This could be due to concerns about the integrity of your hair, hair thickness, how your hair behaves, how it dries naturally…there are lots of factors considered. Trust that your stylist understands your hair and only wants the best outcome for you.

These are our 3 very best tips on how to prepare for your appointment, not just with us, but with any
salon or spa.

We cant wait to see you at your next appointment.

Love, Farfalla