Little Ones

When it comes time for your little one to get a new hairstyle (more about using this term below), we thought we would share a few tips on the dos and donts that will make your experience, your child’s experience and the other clients in the salon experience go smoothly and enjoyably.  And let’s face it, it will help out your stylist a ton as well!

Farfalla’s owner, Emanuela Bertoia, shared some insight into the situation in a Whistler Question article that we thought we would pass along, as well as adding some tips from our stylists.


* Come prepared. Bring along a snack or favorite stuffed animal for distraction and moral support. An iPad or smart phone loaded with favorite movies is also a great way to keep your little one still.

“We’ve had children fall asleep and have had to hold their heads up while cutting at the same time, which is pretty funny,” {Emanuela Bertoia}

*Plan carefully. Book your appointment between mealtime and naptime so your child isn’t hungry or a cranky bear cub.

*Have your child sit on your lap.“We want to make the first haircut an enjoyable experience,” Emanuela said. “If you want your child to sit on your lap and meet the stylist, that works too. I recommend bringing your child to the same stylist the first few times until they are comfortable with the salon.”

*Reschedule the appointment if your child seems out of sorts that day.  Even if you make it into the salon and it’s just not happening for your little one, just let us know it’s not a good time and we will be happy to fit them in when it is.



*Don’t feed your little one sugar before their appointment.  Enough said.

*Don’t tell your little one he or she will be getting a “cut.” That sounds like a boo-boo. Instead say, “Soon we’ll take you for a hairstyle” to reduce the fear factor.

*If you have multiple children with you, don’t let them run loose.  Prep your children on appropriate behavior in the salon. There are lots of distractions in the form of products, salon equipment and fun furniture, not to mention hazards such as cables and hot tools.  An explanation that these are not toys goes a long way. Little ones have great imaginations, and spinning on the chair may seem like a rollercoaster ride, but sadly the chair will not think it’s as fun.



We hope these tips and tricks will help make everyone’s experience a great one!  We welcome your little ones in the salon and look forward to seeing them to give them their brand new hairstyle.

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