2017 is here and we at Farfalla are grateful for so many things that happened in 2016. We received an award for service excellence in small business, welcomed tribe members back that were off traveling the world, watched our tribe leader grow and blossom in her adventures in India and saw our tribe here in Whistler flourish as a team, along with many more reasons to be grateful! We wanted to touch on the reasons why our team flourishes together and the importance of team spirit and making our tribe the best it can be! Here are our top 4 ways we bring our team together and create a fantastic work environment and atmosphere! We hope it inspires you!

1. Monthly Farfalla Family Dinners:
Every month we organize a dinner out or potluck at someone’s house. The goal is to get everyone together outside of work to socialize and relax outside of the salon atmosphere. Since we are open 7 days a week it’s very difficult to get everyone together otherwise. It is not mandatory and very casual, so no pressure, but every month the majority make it happen as we all now hate to miss it! This creates great bonds and friendships and allows us to see each other in another light other than our work selves.


Farfalla Tribe - Whistler BC

Canada Day Potluck @ Lawrence’s <3


2. Health and Wellness:
We can all be health nuts at times! We love to encourage each other in eating healthy, getting outside and keeping fit and full of vitality. Recipes are shared around, and lots of encouragement is given when anyone has a health goal, for example boot camp classes, running a half marathon or getting their yoga on!


Farfalla Tribe - Whistler BC

Team Wellness Morning – Yoga @ Yogacara and Breakfast @ The Naked Spout <3


3. Flexibility with Holiday Time:
We try to be as flexible as possible with holidays as we realize living in our lovely resort town of Whistler that most people are here to work hard and play hard and get out and see the world! Providing the flexibility to have the team take time off, only has them come back to their job rested, refreshed and inspired! Life shouldn’t be all about work after all!


Farfalla Tribe - Whistler BC

4. Staff Appreciation Days:
We are committed to showing our team that they are appreciated for all their hard work and effort! We like to show our appreciation and strengthen our team bond and friendships by doing fun events! This year we had a full day of team building and fun starting with the Escape Room, lunch at the healthy and nutritious Green Moustache, RZR rides with The Adventure Group, followed by dinner at Araxi. It was a full and busy day that was tons of fun and much deserved for our wonderful staff!


Farfalla Tribe - Whistler BC

The tribe out on the RZR Tour with TAG


So there it is! Just a few reasons why our team flourishes and team spirit is high :-). 

We hope you have a fantastic start to the New Year and we wish everyone all the health and happiness in the world!!

Love, Farfalla