At Farfalla we LOVE Halloween!  What a great excuse to go all out for hair and makeup! Scary and pretty or bloody and gory, the choice is yours!

We thought it would be fun to share with you some of our staff costume/hair and makeup pics from last year for some inspiration.


Couples costumes are always fun! Here’s our tribe sporting some very awesome costumes!



Who doesn’t love Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World?! Have to say, Rebekah and Ben did an amazing job

with these costumes and obviously kept it in character with the facial expressions!!




Then we had our skeleton couple myself Joanna, and Ryan (makeup done by me), a nice classic!

There is so much makeup inspiration out there for skeletons these days, go full face, half face, side face, you can take it

super creepy and really go all out doing your makeup or go more classic and a little more simple.  Take your pick!


For a little blood and gore Lawrence was a zombie football player with makeup done by Emily Matthews.

To get the bullet hole look she used spirit gum, latex, a little fake blood thrown in and away you go!

You can pretty much ‘zombify’ anything, so it’s a great option if you have the means to get the zombie makeup on point,

all you then have to do is choose your clothing options for your character!



Then we had our doll and skeleton half face.  Like I mentioned, so much inspiration for skeleton makeup.

This a great option for half face and then you can still do a fun smokey eye to tie it all in together.

Makeup for both the skeleton (done on herself) and our doll Genevieve done by our talented Emily Matthews.

If you happen to have an amazing makeup artist or hair stylist friend to help you out with your creation, lucky you!  If not, why not call your salon and see if they are offering Halloween hair and makeup services. It feels so amazing to have it done professionally and it really brings your costume ideas to life!  Otherwise there is so much inspiration out there at your fingertips, you can always give it a go on your own and get your creative juices flowing!

Happy Halloween!!  Have a Spooktacular Night!!